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NM state bar letter - Click to ReadDesigned for lawyers, professionals and all those living high demand lives, Hallie's seminars and  workshops focus on how to most effectively cope with stress, alleviate pain and prevent burnout, experience improvement in concentration, clarity of thinking, ethical behavior,  patience, and how to use mind-body techniques to get deeply refreshing sleep.  The mind-body skills learned in these workshops help people feel energized, mentally and physically fit, balanced and centered as well as enhance work productivity, reduce sick days and generate creative problem solving from a relaxed and broadened perspective.

Hallie personally knows the business side of life as well as the many facets of the mind and body. She is a licensed attorney with a cum laude Doctor of Jurisprudence degree, and also holds a cum laude Fine Arts degree. As a mind-body teacher and positive psychology educator, she has developed a unique approach that produces greater positivity and work performance at optimal levels. 

Additionally Hallie teaches  courses in "Positive Psychology for Lawyers"  using techniques from her book Yoga for Lawyers. Attorneys receive continuing legal education credits in certain states.



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